Welcome to Hartland Farm, home of Bad Moon Risin’, a full Standardbred stallion out of IMG4505BadMoonRisinTelStar. We aren’t here to brag about what this Stallion has done because he has proven it in the ring and through his offspring. Although he hasn’t won a world title, he’s still one of the best, if not the best, producers around. We neglected to campaign him and didn’t feel a world title was necessary for him to prove himself.

Bad Moon Risin’ is a proven producer of natural-gait, style, form and speed. We’ve bred him to some of our best mares and gotten great results, as well as common mares and still the results were good. He is a big producer of form. Most of his colts have big front-ends. He was shown in Open Pacing (years ago), Style Pacing, Flat Shod Racking, and Speed Racking, with many blue ribbons in each class. When he hits to show ring, he means business ---- he’s a show horse…and most of his colts are the same. In his younger years he was shown two times at the RHBAA World Celebration and placed 3rd, in which we were pleased. But we then decided that IMG4496BadMoonRisinshows of that caliber are too political and decided to show him locally. Most of his offspring are easily trained with natural headsets and front-ends. With his colts, there is normally no need for trainers or head gear. We haven’t campaigned Moon like most people would have, but we’ve decided to put Moon and some of his colts out there and let you decide if “The Proof is in the Pudding”. If you look at the colts he’s produced, that’s the only proof you need.

We have decided to let the world know about him and what a top producer he is. We have colts for sale from time to time out of him and we’ve put some pictures on our website for you to view.

Thanks so much for visiting us and we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and if you’d like, you can give us a call at 276-873-6401.


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